eCommerce (COSC 3331)

Course Description:
Prerequisite COSC 3310. This course will introduce you to the concepts of eCommerce and the issues involved in actually developing an eCommerce website. Simply stated, eCommerce is doing business electronically especially using the world wide web technology and includes as its variants B2B, B2C, C2C, etc. There are several issues involved in eCommerce including business issues and technical issues. You will learn to develop catalogs for selling on the web, provision of facilities to search the catalogs, receiving payments using Paypal, receiving customer orders and dealing with them, and finally implementing the order pipeline. You will also study briefly the legal, ethical, tax, and security issues involved with eCommerce. You will be working on a semester long project in small groups that will develop a practical eCommerce application which will help to increase your understanding of the concepts.

Please download and review the sample syllabus for this class today to review detailed specifics about this class including book info, exam and project due dates, the late policy and the course philosophy. The textbook is required the first week of class so be sure to order it ahead of time.