Technologies you will Use

Because CIS revolves around business and technology, you will be introduced to many technology tools in class. Some are class management and study-related while others are industry tools directly applicable to your future success. This is my field and something that I am passionate about and I assure you I personally use each technological tool myself before requiring you to use it. 🙂 The internet is a goldmine for interactive, easy-to-use technologies that, if used to promote learning, can enhance your retention and engagement in a class.

Amazon AWS (COSC 3331)
Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud service provider for many Fortune 500 businesses. This service allows for rapid computer prototyping through virtual machines and remote databases to name just a few of the services. Students will work first-hand with setting up, connecting to, operating and tearing down instances and services.

Canvas is a course management tool. Students will be able to communicate with one another easily, view relevant technology rss feeds, access the slidedeck through Google Drive and view assignment due dates with Google calendar.

Google Calendar
To keep students up-to-date on assignment due dates and when tests are, we use Google Calendar. This tool allows instant communication in real-time across a variety of platforms. Students can sync up their smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to the calendar application and never been caught unprepared for another test. More information on the course calendar can be found in Blackboard.

Google Drive
If you haven’t used Google Drive before (formerly known as Google Docs), get an account now! This incredible service allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations collaboratively and in real-time. This is great for student groups with busy schedules as each student can work independently and share their work with the group or work collaboratively from anywhere in the world and changes are made (and seen by others) in real-time. To learn more about how to use Google Drive, please check out this Youtube video series.

Microsoft Azure (COSC 3331)
Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform on the Microsoft ecosystem that can allow businesses to host their IT infrastructure professionally and remotely. Students will work with virtual machines, remote databases and web applications.

mySQL (COSC 3385)
mySQL is an open source database tool which many industries use. It’s easy to use design and robust nature make it a natural tool to use for websites. We will learn how to set up table schemas, read and write data as well as perform advanced queries.

Php (COSC 3331)
Php is a web programming language. With this easy to use scripting language we can quickly create dynamic webpages based on whatever we can imagine. Php is also a wonderful language connecting websites to databases.

RStudio (COSC 4347/5347 and COSC 4342)
RStudio is a powerful statistical and machine learning platform that is essential in business analytics. Students will learn how to import data, manipulate data, perform statistical tests and even machine learn data to provide new business insights.

SAP Netweaver (COSC 4312/5334)
SAP is the world-leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and many Fortune 500 companies run on SAP. We will be using SAP Netweaver to demonstrate how this software can extend to every corner of a business. In particular we will learn the business processes that take place from ordering to payment and also learn about the system with a Water Distribution game. If you are interested in running the SAP GUI on your own computer, please contact me and I can arrange it.

Slack is a premier group collaboration tool that allows members to work together on projects, share files, set goals and timelines, as well as communicate with one another. Slack is used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Tableau (COSC 4347/5347 and COSC 4342)
Tableau is the industry standard for business intelligence data visualization. This tool will allow students to partition data in many interesting and exciting ways to glean insights and convey meaning to business professionals.

Ubuntu Linux (COSC 3331)
Many of the world’s top websites run Linux-based operating systems. Ubuntu is a reliable and easy to use introduction to linux. Students will learn basic and intermediate CLI commands and gain familiarity with the operating system.

WordPress (COSC 3331)
WordPress is a blogging and web development tool that has taken the industry by storm. This easy to use yet fully featured software can allow people of diverse skill levels to create and maintain professional-looking websites quickly and easily. We will be learning the ins-and-outs of installing a WordPress instance, applying themes, making coding adjustments and incorporating widgets for added functionality. To learn more about WordPress, please view this video series.

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube video? YouTube is also integrated into every class through a hand-picked selection of videos to augment student learning.

“That’s a lot of technology!”

Yes it is. The most important things for you to do are to keep an open mind, have patience and trust me! We live in a technological society and, in addition to meeting the course outcomes, you will also be more technologically literate after succeeding in this class. I guarantee that I have thoughtfully considered the role of each technological application in my class and I’m also proud to share that 100% of all my departing students over the past two semesters have indicated that the technology used in my classes was manageable. If you’re overwhelmed (and you probably will be at some point), let me know. I am happy to help you or provide a little motivation when you need it. I realize the amount of technology used in this class may be too much for some students and you have a right to choose a class that meets your needs. Flip this conversation around and think about all the students out there that desire a technology-infused learning experience. We’re at a transitional moment in college learning and we’re also amidst a social shift that has empowered individual consumer to make informed choices. I believe college students deserve to be informed about the characteristics of their classes before they register.